Footage of Tookie at the Wattstax festival in 1973(?)

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Footage of Tookie at the Wattstax festival in 1973(?)

Unread post by Venu » February 25th, 2020, 3:36 pm

Dear Alex Alonso:

This article says there is footage of Tookie throwing up at the "Watts Crips" at the Wattstax festival, in 1972: ... .features1
Amazingly, says Al Bell, "We were able to cut a deal with the city. We had only black police officers, and not one of them had a gun." There were "no riots, no fights", according to Bell, in spite of a 112,000-strong audience and a significant gang presence - at one point in the film, Tookie, head of the Watts Crips, is seen signalling to gang members in the crowd.
I would like to know if you are aware of this footage and if you have it or not. It would make a great upload for your YouTube channel as it would have to be some of the oldest, if not the oldest footage of cripping and of Tookie.

I would also like to know if you have any old footage of Tookie. We've all seen the Gong Show skit but I think there should be some footage of him in San Quentin from the 1980s. Infact I'm pretty sure I have seen footage of Tookie from the early 1980s walking down the line in San Quentin, sporting an afro. This YouTube account owner may have footage, and in this video taken in San Quentin ca. 1984, you can see Tookie's mugshot on the wall, at around the 19:40 mark (he is inmate #C29300):



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